Please note that this notice is for current attendees of St Margaret’s Centre:


Thank you for your patience. We have now finalised our plans for re-opening the centre starting at the end of July.

A timetable has been developed showing a list of activities for the Craft rooms, you can view this in picture form or by clicking the link at the bottom of this post to download a PDF.

Initially you will only be allowed to register for one activity per week.

Please note that you may not get your first choice.

Registration for the activities will take place week commencing the 6th July when you will have to phone the centre 0191 384 8100.

The joinery workshop will reopen 13th July, attendees will be contacted by Tony to be given their timetable.

The gardening group will commence on the 15th July a member of staff will be in touch.

The upholstery will remain closed, however a member of staff will be discussing alternative options with these attendees.

There will be strict safety guidelines in place that everyone must adhere to if the centre is to remain open. It will be mandatory to wear a face-mask while in the centre.

This is only for current attendees of the centre. Visits are strictly by appointment only.


To download the activities timetable, please click the following link: Activities timetable PDF

If you have any issues viewing this, please get in touch via