As we are all aware, the situation is changing daily. Here at St Margaret’s Centre we are doing our best to remain open so we can continue to support our attendees and local community, but to do this, we feel it is necessary to change the way we run the centre to help keep us all safe.

At the moment, our plans are to reduce the number of hours that people can attend the centre.

From 23rd March 2020 (next Monday) we ask that registered attendees only attend between the hours of 10am – 2pm.

The following week from 30th March 2020, those people who attend more than 1 day per week will be asked to reduce their days to 1 only. This is to ensure that as many people as possible who want to attend may do so, while keeping numbers within a safer limit. Further details of how this will happen will follow; we will be contacting all attendees in the coming weeks to keep everyone informed.

For the moment, we do not intend to run another series of short courses until this has passed. The Old School Cafe will also operate on the same reduced hours offering a takeaway service.

If you are a registered attendee of the centre, you can request to join our new Facebook group: St.Margaret’s Centre COVID-19 Support Group We will be using this to share advice, web links, phone numbers of useful support groups and volunteers, and encourage people to share the crafty projects they may be doing at home while self-isolating.

Please note that this is currently only for our registered attendees in order to allow us to moderate it properly, but we will be sharing some of the useful links to the centre’s main Facebook page here for the general public: St Margaret’s Centre on Facebook

We appreciate your cooperation and patience at this difficult time, and hopefully with your help we will be back to normal soon.